Snake Bite Treatment

Even though you may see a snake. It is very unlikely that you will be bitten by a snake in Australia.

Be aware that not all snake bites in Australia are dangerous but they should all be treated the same as a dangerous bite. Australia has 20 deadly snake breads that can cause harm to humans if bitten, they are also the most deadliest in the world.

Areas that snakes are most likely to be found are;

  • Grasslands
  • Around river banks and wet areas
  • Rubbish piles
  • Chicken pens
  • Under logs and rocks

Must patients that are bitten in Australia are due to them trying to handling the snake. Snakes in most cases are not interested in us and attempt to hide or escape from us. IF you come across a snake simple move away slowly and let it be. The vibration from your just walking in most cases is enough to make the snake move on.

Snake Bite treatment.

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